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Malima Weligambay Villas

Welcome to Malima Weligambay Villas, a hidden gem nestled in the tranquil paradise of Weligama, Sri Lanka. This luxurious retreat offers a harmonious blend of luxurious living and serene surroundings, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience for all guests. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape, an adventure-filled getaway, or an immersive cultural experience, Malima Weligambay Villas has it all.


  • Exquisite Accommodations amidst Nature’s Embrace.
  • Luxurious Villa Features and Amenities.
  • Private Pools and Jacuzzis for Ultimate Relaxation.
  • Fully Equipped Modern Kitchens for Culinary Delights.
  • Serene Views and Proximity to Nature.
  • Glimpsing the Indian Ocean’s Pristine Beaches.
  • Spectacular Sunsets and Scenic Landscapes.
  • Exploration Opportunities in Nearby Wildlife Sanctuaries.
  • Immersing in Local Culture and Heritage.
  • Proximity to Historical Attractions.
  • Discovering the Ancient Galle Fort.
  • Unveiling the Mysteries of Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya.
  • Exploring the Sacred Japanese Peace Pagoda.
  • Experiencing Local Traditions and Festivals.
  • Participating in the Vibrant Weligama Kite Festival.
  • Engaging in Traditional Fishing Practices.
  • Wandering through Local Markets and Delighting in Culinary Treasures.
  • Engaging in Adventurous Pursuits.
  • Surfing and Water Sports at Weligama Bay.
  • Riding the Waves at World-Renowned Surf Breaks.
  • Diving into the Mesmerizing Underwater World.
  • Indulging in Deluxe Wellness and Relaxation.
  • Yoga and Meditation Retreats for Inner Harmony.
  • Cooking Classes and Authentic Sri Lankan Recipes.
  • Savoring Exquisite Wine and Handcrafted Cocktails.

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Address: Pemuyanwatta, Harbour Road, Mirissa